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A Crypt in the Stars



Lowen is an unsigned progressive stoner doom band with Middle Eastern influences from London, England. We play crushing progressive doom steeped in the history of the ancient middle-east and the empty vistas of space. Formed in 2017, Lowen consists of Shem Lucas on baritone guitar, Nina Saeidi on vocals and Louis Suckling on drums.

10% of all our profits are donated to a charity of choice at any one time. Currently we are donating to the UK mental health charity Mind.

Influences: Black Sabbath, Electric Wizard, Sleep, Atomic Rooster, Akercocke, Yob

For booking and all other enquiries please contact: lowenband @

“their tunes sound like they come straight from a desert planet floating through space.”

“stoner rock that blends modern experimentation with classic tropes of the genre. “

“Crushingly heavy”

“that sumptuous bewitching voice that fits perfectly for the genre, add to that a huge dose of ethereal reverb and delay across all the album, she could easily become the next Dorthia Cottrell (Windhand)! Her own middle-est origins, from Iran to be exact, are also present in the album, particularly on the first track “Ashurbanipals Request” where she sings in “Farsi”.

“the band knows how to enchant with a superb vision on how to pound the riffs home with a definite theatrical sense, offering you an fata morgana or illusion where you envision arrangements with strings, choirs and a gigantic orchestra. Man, these Lowen cats have touched upon something magical!”


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